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Biogas optimization

Increasing substrate prices for renewable raw material biogas plants clarify the need for an optimal use of the available digester volume and the substrates. Inefficient processing plants have fluctuations that can already occur with digester loads of more than 2 kgTM / m3 * d. However, in other biogas plants digester loads twice as high can be achieved without difficulties. Biogas laboratory studies show that the limited performance of biogas plants is due to the inhibited growth of microorganisms. The cause for the inhibition can be a deficiency of trace elements. Through targeted input of these trace elements the productivity and growth of microorganisms can be increased remarkably. As a result, significantly more biomass can be processed to methane over the same period and unchanged fermentation volume, without any occurrence of process interference due to acid enrichment.


ASA Multikat 30 is our trace element solution to compensate nutrient deficiencies and to increase the biogas yield in the anaerobic process. Particularly in the case of methane formation, there is an essential requirement for certain metal ions, they are required as cofactors for formation of various enzyme systems. ASA Multikat 30 contains these metals in form of soluble salts. The trace elements are available in the form of the standard high quality mixture ASA Multikat 30, as well as an individually compiled solution.



ASA Multikat 30

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