In this area, we mainly focus on the development of new biotechnological processes for the production of enzymes as well as solving environmental problems through the use of enzymes and microorganisms.


Application technology enzymes

  • Enzymatic procedures for fruit and vegetable processing

  • Enzymatic bleaching processes

  • Enzymatic pipe cleaners


Application of bacterial mixed cultures

  • Biological decomposition of pollutants and mud sediments in lakes and Ponds

  • Biological algae Degradation

  • Biological reduction of smell intensive substances

  • Reduction of hydrocarbons in washing liquids


Process development

  • Fermentation and purification processes for enzymes, fungicides, antibiotics, and organic acids

  • Removing of unwanted flavorings from beverages

  • Biological degradation various chemicals in sewage streams


Strain development, genetic Engineering

  • Development of high performance strains for the production of enzymes and other biological active ingredients through classical mutagenesis

  • Expression of various enzymes in E. coli and Pichia pastoris