Research & development


Based on the experience gained through the planning and execution of various research and development projects in addition to the the know-how of the employees of our company, we are now able to offer you development Services.

Our range of services are

  • Planning and execution application-oriented research and development projects

  • Acquisition of funding


In addition to contract research, we offer our expertise in the following Services:

  • Biological lake restoration

  • Water analytics

  • Bioremediation of soil

  • Rehabilitation of heavy metal contaminated soil

For further information, please contact Dr. A. Cordes


Tel.: +495331 / 8825-30

Contract research

In this area, we mainly focus on the development of new biotechnological processes for the production of enzymes as well as solving environmental problems through the use of enzymes and microorganisms.


Application technology enzymes

  • Enzymatic procedures for fruit and vegetable processing

  • Enzymatic bleaching processes

  • Enzymatic pipe cleaners


Application of bacterial mixed cultures

  • Biological decomposition of pollutants and mud sediments in lakes and Ponds

  • Biological algae Degradation

  • Biological reduction of smell intensive substances

  • Reduction of hydrocarbons in washing liquids


Process development

  • Fermentation and purification processes for enzymes, fungicides, antibiotics, and organic acids

  • Removing of unwanted flavorings from beverages

  • Biological degradation various chemicals in sewage streams


Strain development, genetic Engineering

  • Development of high performance strains for the production of enzymes and other biological active ingredients through classical mutagenesis

  • Expression of various enzymes in E. coli and Pichia pastoris


The development of own products is an integral part of the company strategy of ASA Spezialenzyme GmbH. Since the company was founded in 1991 numerous research and development projects have been carried out in the various areas of biotechnology. The following development projects were carried out in self-government, in cooperation with other companies or on behalf of third parties:


  • Production of high-grade chitosan by a new marine chitindeacetylase.

  • Development of a biotechnological production process for the production of pimaricin also enzymatic modified derivatives for the use as fungicides in plant protection.

  • Development of a procedure to produce of a bacterial phytase

  • Development of an oil binding agent based on biotechnological and chemical pretreated animal Skins

  • Enzymatic cleaning of phenol containing waste water

  • Development of algae as expression systems pharmaceutical and biotechnological relevant Proteins

  • Development of a process for the production of dextranase

  • Lipase-screening-kits (Development of new lipases for the organic Synthesis)

  • Enzymatic separation of pollutants from the soil Matrix

  • Improvement of the performance of small sewage treatment plants


An important partner in the field of research is the “Helmholtz-Centre for infection research” (HZI) in Braunschweig. The spatial proximity our company to the HZI enable numerous contacts to researchers and also the execution of joint projects especially on the field of genetic Engineering.