nitrogen reduction in garden ponds

ASA N is a mixture of different microorganisms, which were isolated from natural salt- and fresh-water. They are used successfully in ponds, lakes and in Commercial aquacultures, especially in the fish and crab breed.


ASA N should be used

  • in eutrophicated ponds and lakes
  • in case of excessive algea growth
  • to remove cloudiness in ornamental and garden ponds


The microorganisms in ASA N

  • reduce ammonium, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • reduce algea growth
  • eliminate fouling residues and reduce organic sludge deposits
  • keep the water clear
  • accelerate the establishment of the ecological balance after a new pond or water change
  • are harmless to aquatic animals and plants


Product data sheet: ASA.N-ENG

Material safety data sheet: On inquiry


Microorganisms are perfectly suited to naturally help with environmental issues due to their versatile metabolic properties. It is possible, for example to improve the water quality in ponds and lakes and increase the vitality of the water animals through reduction of nitrogen compounds. As well it is possible to decrease the concentration of smell intensive substances such as ammonia in animal shelters with microorganisms.


By targeted selection natural occurring microorganisms and special cultivation methods we are able to maximize the desired metabolic properties and achieve high storage properties.


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